My journey in Singapore began when I left my hometown of Slovakia. I was studying fine arts, but my curiosity and interest in photography led me down a journey which has cultivated into what is known today as, Ensof Photography.

I have created a life for myself where everyday, I capture a moment. A moment that we will no longer be able to live again, but clearly remembered through that one photograph. The saying goes, a photo is worth a thousand words. Those words are words of feeling, thought, emotion, action; my one word would be dreams. Without photography, I’m not sure what my passion would be, and without wanting to pursue my passion, it has allowed me to dream. So essentially, my dreams have become my reality. I love what I do, and I try have every piece of my work represent that. Welcome to the life of Jana, just taking it one shot at a time.

My work has been showcased in a number of exhibitions in Asia and Europe. I have received 2nd place in public votes at the KL Photo Awards, Malaysia; 1st place at the Off Festival, Slovakia; 2nd place Julia Margaret Cameron prize for women photographers at the WPGA (UK) Annual contest; Finalist Renaissance Photography Prize


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